BlackHole APK – Download Latest Version for Android

Download BlackHole APK Latest Version (v1.15.11)

Update: The latest version v1.15.11, was released on February 29, 2024. It’s been almost 4 months since then, we’re also waiting for the release of a new version just like you, and will make it available on our website, once the latest version is released.

Are you looking for a #1 Spotify alternative? Or a music app that offers music streaming, lyrics support, unlimited downloads, playlist import, and many other features. That too with zero ads and no subscription at all.

Look no further: BlackHole APK – a music streaming app that offers all these features. You can enjoy streaming high-resolution music from millions of songs across various genres and artists. It also lets you download unlimited music on your Android device for offline listening.

Lyrics support and playlist import features make it one of the best music apps. It lets you import your favorite playlists from Spotify, YouTube Music, Resso, and JioSaavan. It’s basically a free music streaming app that brings music from multiple sources (Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.) while keeping the user experience (UX) smooth and customized.

What is BlackHole APK?

BlackHole APK is a music app that delivers music to you in the most pleasing way. If you are a fan of Spotify, you will experience an easy transition between the two apps by connecting BlackHole to Spotify to import your playlist from the latter.

It is an open-source app, developed by Ankit Sangwan. The app is created using the Flutter framework and published on GitHub (update: the official GitHub page has been removed). Its version is updated from time to time and is completely risk-free as the source code is available publicly. If you are worried about the risk of the BlackHole APK, you can rest assured

Features of BlackHole Music App

You love Spotify, but this love shouldn’t force you to pay the monthly subscription fee, should it? So, you stay connected with its free version. But then, it starts worrying you by transferring its most exciting standard features to its premium version. Now, you are left to find a new alternative that is just as smooth, or better, as Spotify.

This search brings you to the BlackHole music app which is #1 Spotify alternative. But should you go on with this decision? Will it accompany you for long? Or will you have to replace it with another option in a week or two?

There are quite a few features that make BlackHole by Sangwan a better option out there. Let’s explore them.

=> Local and Global Top Spotify Songs

Discover the hottest tracks both locally and globally, with easy access to the top songs on Spotify and beyond.

=> Trending Songs

You can stay ahead with its constantly updated list of trending songs, ensuring you never miss out on the latest hits.

=> Auto Song Recommendation

BlackHole music app suggests personalized songs based on your listening habits and preferences.

=> Promoted YouTube Playlists

Handpicked YouTube playlists bring you the best of YouTube’s music scene.

=> Import Playlists from Spotify & YouTube

Importing your favorite playlists from Spotify & YouTube is easy and seamless, bringing your existing music library into Blackhole APK.

=> Download for Offline Play (320kbps with ID3 Tags)

One of the biggest advantages the app has over other popular music apps is that you can download your favorite tracks for offline listening.

=> Lyrics Support

It offers lyrics support as well making you able to sing along to your favorite songs.

=> Backup & Restore

You can easily take a backup of your music collection and restore it in case you switch your device.

=> Auto Update Check

It automatically checks for updates and always updates to bring you the latest features and improvements.

=> Cache Support

It offers seamless music playback with cache support so you can enjoy the music by reducing buffering.

=> No Subscription/ Ads

Unlike Spotify, Blackhole APK comes without any subscriptions or ads, providing a clean, uninterrupted music listening experience.

=> Dark Mode / Accent Color

Allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with dark mode and accent colors.

=> Support 15+ Music Languages

With support for over 15 music languages, Blackhole APK provides a global music experience.

=> High Streaming Quality (320kbps AAC)

It offers crystal-clear, high-quality streaming at 320kbps AAC.

=> Inbuilt Equalizer

With the built-in equalizer, you can fine-tune the music according to your taste and your headphones or speakers.

Until now, all its features are available for free users and music lovers can only hope that even if a BlackHole premium APK is planned, it doesn’t snatch away the standard features available in the free version.

How Does BlackHole APK Work

Using BlackHole APK on an Android, iOS or PC is easy.

Download Songs

After you have downloaded the app and launched it, use the search tab available on the home screen to look up the song you want. Once the interface has shown you the song, download it. You can download multiple songs at once. These songs will appear in the Downloads section of the app.

Import Playlists

Most users want to import their collection from previous music streaming apps simply. Importing a playlist from other platforms is simple with BlackHole Pro APK. It allows you to import playlists from many apps including YouTube Music, Resso, and Spotify.

Tap the three horizontal dots on the top-left corner of the screen. Now, select Playlist and Import Playlist options respectively. This step will allow you to choose the app from which you want to import your collection. Select it, log in, and grant permission to the BlackHole app. Once BlackHole Pro MOD APK is accessing your playlist, click on the playlist you want to import and then click Import.

Still not confident on how to use the BlackHole APK, we’ve got you covered. Watch our step-by-step guide YouTube video to become familiar with the app.


How to Install BlackHole APK

The app is not available on the Google Play Store, however, you can download it from our website.

Requirements/ Additional Information

Before downloading the app, check out the BlackHole APK detailed information/ requirements below to see whether it supports your device.

App NameBlackHole Music
Current Versionv1.15.11
Updated onFebruary 29, 2024
File FormatAPK
Size11.90 MB
Minimum Android VersionKitKat 4.4
Downloads2,686,095 +
Average Star Reviews4.5

Installation Steps

Below are the complete step-by-step instructions on how you can download and install BlackHole APK on your Android device.

  1. Download the app using the following link.
  2. Once downloaded, you must enable the option “Install unknown apps” from your Android settings -> Apps & notifications -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps to be able to install the app.
  3. After that open the downloaded APK and click on the Install button.
  4. Once the installation is completed, you can open the app and enjoy ad-free music. Cheers!

BlackHole Alternatives

BackHole is a trusted alternative to Spotify. Like it, many other music apps that smoothen the listening experience of users. Some common alternatives include Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Resso. JioSaavan, and Gaana. Note that most of these apps are paid or subscription-based.

BlackHole APK is the #1 app to stream music because of its sound quality and free features. Users claim that it’s the best app among all free options.

Final words

BlackHole APK is a music app that makes your music listening experience delightful. It allows you to download songs to your devices and make a list to play. It collects data from other music platforms including Spotify and YouTube Music.


Yes, BlackHole APK is a risk-free app that sources music from freely available sources.

The app works well in all countries across the world including India. It features song in all popular languages.

BlackHole APK is not available from the Google Play Store because of some policy restrictions, but you can safely download it from its site.